Tuesday, November 23, 2010


On Saturday night the weather changed bringing strong winds, some rain and snow up on the mountain. The wind blew us down the road to Indio and our new park, Indian Waters. To celebrate my birthday on Monday we went to the Spotlight 29 casino. We signed up for their players card and got a free lunch buffet and $10 of casino money to play the slots. ( Larry cashed out with $12.) We then went back to Thousand Trails and spent the rest of the day with our friends, Jerry and Sally. They had a chocolate cake and some ice cream for a little party. (sorry I forgot to take a picture of that lovely cake before we ate it.) I had a very nice day.

On Tuesday Larry took me to Palm Springs to go see the Follies for my birthday.
We had lunch at Ruby's Diner, which made you feel like you had stepped back into the 50's.

We had hamburgers, fries and shared a mocha malt. The fries were endless and Larry had a second order, but they also brought me more. I wasn't even going to finish the ones I already had, so I think Larry got his fill of fries for awhile.

The Follies has been a show in Palm Springs for 20 years. We had never gone and everyone was telling us it was really worth seeing. The performers sing and dance and all them are over 58 years old, most were in their 60's and 70's. The oldest was 81. Maybe it isn't too late for me, at 61, to become a Rockett! Riff Markowitz (72 years old) was the MC for the show and made the show fun and entertaining.

The Plaza theatre opened in 1936. Besides showing films famous local artist performed there like Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope and Jack Benny. The theatre had been closed for years when the Follies brought it back to life with performers who actually lived the era when it had flourished.

Inside the theater before the show began. Sorry no pictures during the show.

The Crystals performed their 60's hits "Uptown", "He's a Rebel", "Da Doo Ron Ron", and" Then He Kissed Me". Dee Dee Kenniebrew is one of the original Crystals (she is shaking hands). The group dibanded in 1967 and reunited in 1971.

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