Sunday, November 21, 2010


Larry has enjoyed playing pickleball every morning. I've played a little bit but often I'm on a slower pace in the morning and do other things around the RV.

On Saturday morning they had their first friendly tournament. You could play in the aggressive or non aggressive group. Larry was with the aggressive. Everyone played five games. Some of you who played pickleball in Florida will recognize Paul, Larry's partner for this match.
Ede is hitting the ball. We met her 3 years ago at Wilderness Lake. It was good to see her again.

This is the last match. It was exciting to watch. The finally score was 11 to 13, so you know it was a battle.

Dennis (also played in Florida) and Larry against Rick and Don.

The winners of the aggressive group - 1st place Dennis, 2nd place Larry and 3rd place Jim. This was Larry first tournament. Congratulations!

Susan and Ken tied for 1st place (Ken and Faye are also pickleball players from Florida). Bob came in 3rd.

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