Monday, November 1, 2010


The Mesa Art Center offers free out to lunch concerts on Wednesday afternoons. Larry and I drove in to hear the first concert of the season. Keyboardist Ramon Crespo and guitarist Francisco Munoz brought Latin musical influences to classic and original jazz tunes. It was very enjoyable.

We returned to the Mesa Art Center on Sunday for the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration.
We spent a couple hours listening to this jazz trio.

During the trios breaks we were entertained by a local church's worship dancers. They were excellent.

They day ended with these mariachi players. We enjoyed their playing but not their singing. They defiantly had a following and were the highlight of the event. Being able to understand Spanish would have helped a lot in our enjoyment of them.

A mile up the road was a Native American Pow Wow. We stopped in looked around at all the vendors and watched some of the dancing. After I took this picture I was told I had to get permission to take pictures. They weren't very friendly. We didn't stay very long.

In honor of this month I put this political puzzle together. Don't forget to vote tomorrow.

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