Monday, December 20, 2010


There are orange, grapefruit and tangerine trees at Palm Springs TT, so during our stay we would pick a few to eat. The lower branches were pretty well picked cleaned and it was hard to reach that lovely fruit on the top of the tree.
Thursdays were pickleball ladder games. It is the one day I would play. You were assigned a group to play all three games with, each time changing partners. Larry is playing with some top players. Judy had just arrived and is known as one of the best players.

Friday night, Dec 17, we got together with Jerry and Sally and went to the Elephant Bar for dinner and then to Wildlights at the Living Desert. (We ate dessert at Costco, they have a huge hand dipped chocolate ice cream bar covered in almonds. I think we addicted Sally and Jerry to it).

There were two animal shows. After the show they let you touch some of the animals. This pygmy hedgehog was quite prickly.
Sally and Jerry call their one granddaughter Scooter so they wanted a picture of this sign.

They had a tunnel of lights you could walk through as the lights "danced" to Christmas music.

The tunnel completely lit.

There was a very large model train exhibit. There must have been ten trains running.

While we were in Palm Springs I had my hair colored with high lights and low lights at the Coachella Valley Beauty College. What a bargain at $40.00 Felecia, my student beautician, didn't realize I was to have my hair cut also. The color came out very pretty and she styled it nicely, so I've decided to let it grow a little longer.
My tooth that has been bothering me since August, and I had it checked in Arizona in September, was still acting up. So I had my teeth cleaned at a periodontist and they felt it probably would need a root canal. So off to Dr Lim for a consultation, and yes it needed a root canal. I was able to get an appointment on Wednesday at 8:30. It was tooth 7 which is the tooth next to my right front tooth. He was able to be build it up and I didn't need to go get a crown. I wanted to get the root canal done this year so my insurance would pay for it and next year it will pay for more of my implant. Thank heaven for insurance the bill was $1,266 and I paid $51.40.
Our microwave story continues, after it was installed and I went to use it a terrible noise occurred. Also when I used the sensor cook an error signal appeared, A technician was sent out to appraise it and then came again to replace the fan causing the noise and a new sensor. I now can bake but the sensor cook still says error. How this will get resolved I'm not sure - another new microwave?! We are on the move so it may have to wait till we are back in Palm Spring area.
So as you can see we had a very busy time in Palm Springs. We moved on Sunday afternoon to Wilderness Lake Thousand Trails in Menifee, CA. We have had rain and wind since we left Palm Springs and there is quite a bit of flooding. I didn't realize the lake was going to be right outside my RV!

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