Sunday, December 26, 2010


Larry gave me some pretty flowers for Christmas.
For Christmas breakfast I made an egg and ham souffle. At noon we went to the activity center for a ham and turkey covered dish dinner with over 30 other couples. It was a very nice meal and I'm sorry I forgot my camera.

The gifts all around the tree.

Larry surprised me with the Nookcolor. I would love to lend books with anyone else who has one. Also any helpful hints you may have about its use.

My sister gave me a calendar with pictures of her travel with us on the Oregon Trail in August.
I am so glad to have gotten a new Journal. It is a great way of keep track where we have been, when we were there and what we did. I have filled two already. We really enjoy going back and referring to them.

Going to try and eat healthier this year! The books and the scale should help. Other gifts were new cutting boards, a RADA tomato knife (suppose to work great), and a collapsible colander (what a space saver).

This little bag is amazing. Look how big it becomes. This should be great in going to the store, maybe I'll remember to use it, since I can clip it to my purse.

I love games, books, music and puzzles for Christmas, so you can see I had a great one.

Kathy sent me Quiddler, a short word game. She has been my word guru since collage. Word games are not my strength, but always good to keep working at them. Larry agreed to play it with me Christmas evening. Amazingly I beat him twice. ( He beat me twice at Scrabble Slam, my other new game).

I couldn't believe the letters in my hand. Q,Z, E, E. and a few other crazy letters. What could I spell with them?
Hope you all had as nice a Christmas Day as Larry and I did.

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