Saturday, December 18, 2010


There is a street in Cathedral City which is nicknamed Candy Cane Lane for the holidays. It is the most decorated street I have ever seen. It was fun to walk down it. These pictures don't quite give you the magnitude of all the lights.
This was a real fire truck that was lighted and was driving around the neighborhood.

This was my favorite house. A tropical Christmas. Santa was in his swim trunks sunbathing.

The street was lined with these large candy canes, thus its nickname.

This little girl was fascinated with watching the elves in Santa's garage workshop.

On another street in Cathedral City was this light show. You tuned into a radio station and the lights on the house and lawn "danced" to the music. They were all LED lights.

Our motor home all decorated. The glow in the middle is a snowman. A little drab after what we just saw. We will have to work on it for next year.

Our little artificial tree.

Churches in the community put on a living Nativity at a local nursery. It was excellently done. There were about 10 stations and we were taken around to them in groups of about 50 people. It started with Isaiah prophesy about Jesus's birth and ended with the resurrection of Jesus.
These Roman soldiers harassed us while we waited in line.A puppet ministry entertained us as we waited. They were very good.

Angels singing to the shepherds and their sheep.

The shepherds with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.

Herod talking to the Wise men.

The Wise men presenting their gifts to Jesus.

At the end there was a very nice market place with food and drink. crafts for the children to make and even pony rides. Very impressive.

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