Sunday, December 26, 2010


We blew into Wilderness Lake on Sunday, December 19. It had been raining here since Wednesday. A huge storm from the Pacific hit southern California.
We got parked before the rain started up again and lasted for the next three days.

Your feet and pants were sure to get wet when walking outside the RV. This picture was taken from of our RV of the "pond" we were parked beside.

Nice lease site property!

This road was closed on Tuesday. It was covered with flowing water and a car was in the ditch.

The ducks love all this water. This canal went over the bank and closed this road out of the park. There was voluntary evacuation, but we chose to stay and luckily it didn't get any worse.

I guess this is why they call it Wilderness Lakes.
This new housing development at the end of the preserve was the hope we wouldn't get flooded out. There was a new water channel built to prevent flooding. Oops the water took out one tree.

Days later the water is way down, but strongly flowing and wearing away the land.

We can walk outside on dry land.

This dairy farm is beside the preserve and causes a lot of flies and smell. Lucky for us the wind has been blowing away from were we are parked.

I spent a few hours dancing with Faye and Cheri each morning. In the afternoon Larry and I would take a 2 mile walk stopping off at the adult center. Larry would watch some TV while I worked in the puzzle room with Linda and her husband.

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