Saturday, January 1, 2011


Larry got a few games of pickleball in between the rain showers.

We noticed these eucalyptus trees roots were coming out of the ground and the trees could blow over, so they brought the tractor by and pushed them down before they landed on our RV.

A few hours later the trees were cut up and gone. Fast work!

All the rain here brought snow to the mountains. I'm not use to this kind of scenery, we are surrounded by snow top mountains.

On Thursday, Dec 29, Larry and I went to Pasadena to Bandfest. The bands that are marching in the Rose Bowl parade put on performances for two days. The first one was yesterday and we are glad we weren't scheduled to go then for it rained. The only sad thing was Downingtown High School band performed yesterday, it was the neighboring school from where I taught.
Before the bands performed we were entertained by the world drums.

Everyone was given a little drum head and we beat along with the world drummer. It was like a big music class. They played a beat and then we would repeat it. Fun.

It was a little cold but the sun warmed us up before the end of the morning.

The Pasadena City College Herald Trumpets were very impressive.

We enjoyed the performance by the Pasadena City College Honor Band .

The Pipes and Drums of California Professional Firefighters performs at memorial services honoring firefighters who have died in the line of duty. When we parked our car we noticed the car in front of us had a Penn State licence plate holder around its Nevada licence. We talked to the people in the car and found out that their dad was in this unit. We enjoyed talking with them.

Each band passed in review at the end of their performance. It really made you realize how big the band was. This is all you saw of the band in the rose bowl parade, so we were glad we went to the bandfest and really saw all of their performance.

Albertville high school from Alabama put on a very entertaining show. Their sign said soak up the sun. It was a good thing they were performing today for yesterday it was raining.

This was the high stepping southwest Dekalb high school band from Decatur. Georgia. They performed in the movie The Drum Line. It was interesting hearing how the different bands raised money to get to the Rose Bowl parade.

This band ended their performance by making the flag.

A great show by West Carolina University. They really rock. ( Rock U is written on the platform on the field with a guitar rock band on top, in case you can't make it out)

Remo gave all the bands drum heads that had the theme of the parade on it - Building Dreams Friendships and Memories with Music. Each band was also presented a snare drum after their performance.

After our morning at bandfest we decide to drive into Hollywood. We then took an open truck sightseeing tour. the roof of the truck was off so you could see over the sides at all the sites. It was rather cold and we were very thankful to have been dressed warmly. We saw some places where movies had been filmed, several movie stars homes, and other interesting sites around the area.

A mural painted on the old Hollywood high school where these stars had attended.

Hotel used in Pretty Woman.
My camera decided it had had enough by now so I missed all the other shots our driver told us to " take it, click it." We saw so much, even Miley Cyrus sitting at a cafe and the paparazzi waiting to get a shot of Elton John. Our tour guide/driver had been a runner for the paparazzi so he knew what he was looking for and would tell us if someone was home or not. Since we were in a little truck he was able to go up roads the big tour buses can't go. He knew all the in and outs of the area. He gave a great tour.
Our last stop was at this overlook of LA and the Hollywood sign.

Can you see the Hollywood sign between these buildings?

After our tour we looked at all the hand and foot prints and signatures at Grauman's Chinese theatre. We then went to the Hard Rock Cafe and had dinner. A little to loud there for my taste, but a fun ending to a very nice day. ( I don't think this was the healthy thing suggested to eat from My eat This not That book, but we shared it and enjoyed every bite)

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