Sunday, January 23, 2011


This was entertainment week here at Indian Waters. You had to get tickets ahead ($5.00), so Larry picked up two tickets for Wednesday's show, Laughing Bird. They were very talented, energetic, funny and entertaining. He played many musical instruments and she did most of the singing ( and she played the spoons). They will be at Orlando TT on March 19 so I hope our Florida friends can go see them.
Thursday night concert was by donation. Sarah Getto was born blind and with a cleft lip and palate. She taught herself to play the piano at age 3 and the violin at age 6. She went to regular school and college and has a teaching degree in music. Her father was her MC and was obviously very proud and supportive of her. They are travelling in her RV, of course she is not the driver. As he said can you imagine the faith the bank had that gave her a loan to purchase an RV - a blind girl with no job. She had a very nice voice and I was glad to purchase her CD.

Saturday night entertainment at Palm Springs TT was Sandi Castleberry and Don Reed. They had a very good turn out. We stood on the porch for the first part of their show. We enjoyed the guitar playing more then her singing. The quality wasn't what we had seen the last two nights.

I hadn't had my hair cut for awhile and I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep it a little longer or get it cut. But on Friday I went back to Coachella valley Beauty college and had my hair colored and cut. ($35). I think she did a nice job.

Larry had an appointment at the VA in Riverside this week, so on the way home we stopped at the Morongo Casino. It is one of the larger Casinos in the area. We got a free lunch buffet and then we played poker on the machine. They gave us no free money to play with so we gambled with our own money. We each played $5. He walked away with 15 cents and I ended with $6.75. So for a couple of hours of fun and a nice lunch buffet we spent $5 with tip and all.

Last Sunday on our way to Indian Waters we stopped at Agua Caliente Casino. It was very crowded for they were giving away some big drawing. They didn't have any meal or free play offer, so we didn't stay. But before we left we went and bought tickets to go see Jeff Dunham on Feb. 26. They only had a few seats left so we were glad we stopped. Of course I realized after we purchased them we were leaving the area on the 19th, so I had to book us into Wilderness Lake for that week and we will have to park the RV some where that night before we head to Verde Valley.

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