Monday, January 31, 2011


We moved back to Palm Springs TT on Saturday morning. There were only two site available when we arrived. This corner site was the first one we pulled into but it was very short and there was no where for us to park our car. This fifth wheel parked here later and as you can see he has parked his truck on the road.
This was the next site we pulled into and we had to stay over because of the electrical box in the back. The coach slanted to the left a lot so with several layers of blocks under the left tires we got the coach so it was even. We had room to park the car beside the coach, but found out it was so close to the door we could hardly get in or out.
Sunday morning a site opened up across the road so we were on the move again. Unfortunately it was up the road and we had to pull out going down. To get into the site you had to be facing the other direction. Remember how that fifth wheel had its truck parked on the road at the corner, Larry couldn't make the turn to come back up so he had to drive up and down two other roads to make a left turn back up this road. This is a very tight park and driving up and down the road is challenging. We fit into this site a little better but still there wasn't much room for the car. The sewer cap had been run over and was stuck down in it, so it wasn't usable. We would need to dump since we are here for the next three weeks.

Now there was one more empty site a few spaces further up. So we reported the damaged sewer and moved to the next site. WE FIT, even the car can park in front or beside the RV, so we know have a new home. I began to feel like Goldilocks and the three bears.
Taking about bears when we moved to this site there was the light on the left in front of this fifth wheel. We had been moving our things from one site to another all morning so I thought it was ours and moved it in front of our RV. When I went back to get some more of our things from the last site there sat our light. Who would have thought there were two identical lights! The man in the fifth wheel wondered what was up when he saw me moving his light. They had purchased it here two years ago and we got ours at the craft sale last week.

Kathy I thought of you when I saw this wash cloth towel bunny at the craft sale. Have you ever made these for your shut ins? How cute and simple.

We have set up each week at the craft show. Saturday ( after getting parked) it was a little slow so Larry detailed our car. Only problem Saturday night the desert had wind storms and the car was covered with dust. It was so thick you could hardly see out of the windsheild. The California duster took care of it with no problem. The dust in the air on Sunday was unbelievable. The air was real hazy, you couldn't see the mountains and several roads were shut because of poor visibility.

I'll stop this complaining and leave you with a beautiful sunset. We had several evenings last week that the sunset were spectacular.

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