Monday, January 10, 2011


Our new vehicle! Just kidding. Our Saturn Outlook had been making a funny noise when we would turn. We had power steering fluid put in a month ago, but the noise returned. We took it to the Chevy dealer in Temecula. They did a diagnostic on it and said it needed a new steering column. They took us to Enterprise and we got this brand new Chevy Colorado truck (60 miles on it) to use for the next two days.

That night I went to put on my glasses and couldn't find my glass case, with my glasses in it. We looked in the truck but it wasn't there, so I thought it must be in our car. When we got the car back my glass case wasn't there either, so I searched the RV in every nook and cranny we could think my glasses might be. (On Sunday I had "lost" my checkbook and found it later in my recipe file). I called the car dealership and Enterprise to see if they had them in the lost and found. No glasses. So we went back to Temecula and asked at every store we had gone to that day - Costco, CVS, Vons and Del Taco. I was amazed when they were at the Del Taco! I 'm not sure how I lost them (we had gone there for breakfast) but I'm sure glad to have them back.

Larry saw a notice that Vietnam War vets needed to sign up at for Veteran benefits by the end of January if they had been in Vietnam in the mid 60's. Larry registered with the VA here at Riverside Veteran Medical Center. It was nice to see how well he was treated. We are in a wait and see mode to see what his benefits will be because of his agent orange exposure in Vietnam. He has had a full physical and is signed up for a hearing test and sleeping test.

We were scheduled to go to Pio Pico Thousand Trails by San Diego but decide to stay here at Wilderness Lake. It is a lot closer to Riverside and he had an appointment this week at the VA . We were able to extend our stay at $20 a day.We had looked at several parks close by to stay at this week, but vetoed each one. Sun land is a very nice park in Hemet, but it would cost almost $300 for the week. They were having a Country Dance and Dinner on Saturday so we decided to go.( We missed our New Year Eve dancing this year.) It was a very nice event. They had the Code of the West reenactment group entertain us for the first hour. They are dressed in authentic garb and came around to the tables and talked to us. They then recited poetry written about that era.

A can can dancer from the Bird Cage Dance Hall.

The gun was real.

He is a knife collector and must have had ten knives on him.

An Irish immigrant.

A woman speaking out for women suffrage.

All the reenactors.

After a barbecue dinner we had an hour of dance lessons, all of which I already knew. Then at 7 the band began to play. It was a good band but most people just did their own thing, not quite what we are use to, but we did get to dance. At one point in the night a audience member got up and sang an Elvis song and this Elvis put in an appearance. All and all it was a fun evening.

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