Sunday, January 16, 2011


On Saturday I went over to Diamond Valley Lake visitor center in Hemet. Larry and I had taken a 5 mile hike here yesterday and I wanted to go back and go through the visitor center.

This is Southern California's largest freshwater reservoir.

The visitor center had many interactive displays all about water and conservation of this resource.

You are under the pond, kinda neat.

A clever way to show how everything we eat needs water. What an educational tool, I guess I still have that teacher outlook. The water gallons were on Velcro and you had to put them next to the items from the hamburger that shows much water it takes to grow or make it.

This big hamburger then gave you the correct answer for water used for each item.

This map told about the aqueduct system throughout California. You pushed a button and it lit up and it told about it. It was very interesting.

When I left the visitor center at 4 o'clock this man had two large telescopes set up. He was the president of the Riverside Astronomical Society and they were having a sky watch that night. From the telescope beside him I was able to look at the sun. Wow, never saw the sun like that before.

From this telescope I looked at the moon. It looked just like pictures you see of it in a magazine. I could see the creators on it.

It was a clear beautiful night so I hope they had a great turn out. He said they often get about 300 people.
We didn't go because there was country dance at Wilderness Lake TT that evening. I had been teaching line dancing all week and we knew some of the line dancing that were called, but the group that came in from the surrounding area knew a lot more and it was definite their dance.

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