Monday, February 28, 2011


Friday was a cool windy day, so we went wine tasting in Temecula with Linda and Larry.
Our first stop was at the Hart winery, but it only had dry wines so we decided to try another winery.

We then went to the Callaway winery. It is owned by the famous golfer.

The buildings were rather plain for a winery, usually the tasting rooms are in beautiful buildings.

For $10 we got to sample 6 wines and to keep the glass. They stopped keeping track at 4 samples and I think we had at least 8. I few too many for me. I enjoy one glass with a dinner.

Larry, Dottie and Linda enjoying our first sample of wine.

There are miles and miles of wineries along this road in Temecula.

Each winery offers wine tasting.

After our 8 samples at Callaway we had had enough wine for the day.

We went into Hemet and had a Mexican dinner at this restaurant.

Saturday brought rain and cold weather. We had tickets for the Jeff Dunham show at the Aqua Caliente Casino on Saturday night. We drove the 60 miles back to Palm Springs with some wet snow flurries and lots of wind in the mountain passes. Jeff Dunham is a ventriloquist. His puppets include Walter, Peanut, and Jose. It was a very funny show and we were glad we had gotten tickets. When we got back to Wilderness Lake the temperature had dropped to 32 degrees.
Sunday morning Larry vended at Wilderness Lake. It was still a little too cold for many people to vend or shop. We have invested in selling these RV motion sensor lights. Larry is very excited about selling them. He had just made up this display, so people can see how they work.

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