Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Tuesday night Larry went to Loma Linda VA for a sleep study test. The weather has turned very windy and is to bring cooler temperatures and rain for the next week. Wednesday morning Lynn took another couple and me to Indian Canyons an Agua Caliente Indian Reservation for another adventure. Notice the rainbow as we went down route 10, rain and sun ahead.
We hiked Andreas canyon and then Murray canyon for a total of 5 miles.

This rock formation is right by the parking lot.

Lynn and Larry (Linda and Larry were the couple that went on the hike) looking at the holes in the rock made by the Indian grinding grain.

The Andreas Canyon trail.

Do you see the buildings on the hill?

There is a house at the top. What a view and this nice stream below.

These were the buildings on the hill. We don't think they are used today.

See the lizard, look to the left. It might be the granite spiney lizard.

Pretty flowers along the trail.

These are date palm trees, there were long clusters of "berries" hanging down. I have learned that dates have to be hand pollinated, so I guess these wild trees don't produce fruit.

Off on our second hike, Murray Canyon.

We went up and down and over this stream. It was nice hearing the water flowing, a frog croaking, and the palms blowing in the wind.

We crossed the stream 34 times (17 each way). We were expert rock jumpers when we were finished and not one foot got wet!

At the end of the trail we ate our lunch. The wind was really picking up and blew us back down the trail. We were glad to be heading home and it was getting windier and windier. Blowing sand is not fun to walk in.
On our way back a large bunch of palm leaves blew off a tree and came crashing down. It was across the stream from were we were walking but it really made a crash.

I really am on these hikes even if you don't see me in any of the pictures. Here I am a little wind blown.
The trail back to the parking lot. Homes and windmills in the distance.

We had seen evidence of horses on the hike and here is definite proof. They were just starting down the trail. The wind was getting stronger by the minute, but the temperature was great for hiking . We were glad we were headed home and not just starting out.

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