Sunday, March 13, 2011


We drove over to Palm Springs last Wednesday. We took a free golf lesson at the First Tee. Then I had my hair colored and highlighted at the beauty school while Larry had a doctor's appointment. We decided to come back to Hemet on route 79, up over the mountain to Idyllwild and down to Hemet. These pictures were taken from one of the overlooks half way up the mountain. Look closely and you may see the switchbacks of the road we traveled.

Idyllwild (5,000 feet) is a lovely little town, unfortunately it was too late for us to spend some time exploring it. We drove over to the Thousand Trail preserve (6,000 feet). We were thinking of coming here to camp next week but the snow and the sign that said chains required quickly changed our minds. The road with all the switchbacks and curves was another good reason not to bring the RV up here. I even felt car sick by the time we reached Hemet.

On Saturday we were scheduled to go to Mountain Lake, an ROD park about 60 miles north west for a week and then back to Indian Waters in Indio.
Friday Larry and I went up to do the line dancing at Wilderness Lake. There is going to be a country line dance rally here all next week, so many of the teachers for that event were in the park and Rhonda was teaching. We saw Paul and Karla Dornstedt, choreographers and line dance teachers. We had met them at Mount Vernon TT,Washington when we came out of Alaska in Sept. 2008. There was a line dance rally there that week and they kindly welcomed us to join them. We never thought our path would cross these dancers again. When they heard we weren't staying for the rally because of having to leave the park (we had been here three weeks so we had to leave) they offered us to stay at the site they own at an RV park in Hemet (11 miles away). So we will be at Mountain Shadows until March 22 and then we will go back to Wilderness Lake before we head to Vegas.

Godiva made herself right at home as soon as we got here.

Karla and Paul own this site at Mountain Shadows. We really appreciate them letting us stay here while they are over at Wilderness Lake.

Saturday night there was a line dance at Wilderness Lake. From the left is Rhonda , Paul, and Karla. We are now going to be doing a lot of dancing all next week for we are part of the Rally.

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