Thursday, March 31, 2011


We left Wilderness around 10 o'clock to miss all the morning traffic on I-215 and I- 15. It was a beautiful day but got very windy.
The road were pretty straight but went up hill and down. We went from 1000 ft elevation to 5,000 ft in 15 miles.
It was a 269 mile drive, 200 of it in CA. We went through the Mojave desert ( saw signs for Death Valley) and entered Nevada at Primm.
Thursday was Larry's birthday. We decided to go to the Hoover Dam. It formed Lake Mead which we saw as we drove south on 93.
We had to go through a check point to drive over the Hoover Dam.
This bridge was opened in October, so you don't have to go through the check point or cross over the Hoover Dam. I really wanted to see it.
You could climb up to the bridge and walk across it. There were lots of information panels about the bridge as you climbed up.
Nevada on one side of the bridge, Arizona on the other.
Not a lot of traffic on the bridge.
A lot more people walking across it.

A great view of the dam and Lake Mead from the bridge.
Proof we were here. It was another warm sunny day.
This is as far as you can walk across the bridge. Notice the Arizonia state sign.
This is the switchback you climb up (or there are stairs).
Lots of pretty yellow, orange and purple flowers in bloom.

The bridge from the road down below.
Hoover Dam 75th anniversary.
We parked and took the power plant tour. ($9 for seniors)
We saw a movie and then we went down an elevator 530 feet where Rick, our tour guide, told us about the power plant. the electricity it has generated has paid for the building of the dam and it takes no federal money.
There are nine generators on the Nevada side (8 on the Arizona side). You can see how big they are from the man walking by on the right.

This generator provides all the power at the visitor center.
A great view of the Tillman Memorial Bridge from the observation tower.

It had gotten late and we hadn't eaten since breakfast so we stopped here at the Hacienda Casino a few miles from the Dam. We had shrimp cocktails for $1 and then Larry played the poker slot. He put in $20 got it up to $41 and cashed out at $21.50, so he came away $1.50 richer and had an hour of fun. It was then 4 o'clock and the dinner buffet was open, so we ate here to celebrated his birthday. I was planning to make fillet mignon for his birthday dinner but I found the meat on the counter this morning. I had forgotten to put it into the refrigerator after I took it out of the freezer last night. What a waste.

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