Tuesday, March 29, 2011


A beautiful warm sunny day after a week of dreary, cloudy, rainy, cool weather, so we went off to the golf course. This course is in Sun City, CA about 8 miles away. After hitting a bucket of balls at the driving range we decided we weren't up to a game of golf, so we went to the putting green and had some fun practicing our putts.
We are getting a new home and Godiva lost hers. This cat post was where Godiva spent many hours in our RV, but there is no spot in our new one for it to go. So we found a couple who were very happy to have it for their cat Reggie. We will have to come up with a good place for Godiva to hang out in our new home. Right now see seems a little confused and lost without her post. We took a walk around Wilderness Lake and Iremembered to take my camera for a picture of these birds. They have long beaks and long legs, but I don't know what they are called.

There is a large flock of these ducks (kind? black with white beak) in the park. They are always swimming around in the canals.
As I was taking the pictures all the birds came thinking I had something good for them to eat.

A blue heron was watching over the water.
What a sight when they fly. We see them every day but I still get excited when I see them.

We leave this area tomorrow and head to Vegas just as the weather turned warm. So goodby to California and this area. We have had a very nice stay and look forward to returning another year.

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