Monday, March 7, 2011


Last week we went to Temecula to the car dealership because our car leaked when it rained. We had noticed this problem on and off for over a year, but after the rain last Saturday we found all the boxes in the rear were soaked so we had to do something about it. They found there was a leak around the sun roofs and the drains in the roof were clogged. In a few hour all of it was fixed and best of all they did not charge us for the repair. While we waited we took a walk down the road and I saw this lovely field of purple flowers with a hillside of yellow flowers right behind it. Wild flowers are really starting to bloom around here.I needed some flowers in the RV so we bought a bouquet at Costco.
There were enough to fill two vases. Unfortunately they didn't last too long.

This Saturday the weather was summer like so on with the sandals. These are the new white ones I just purchased. (You have to buy white sandals when you see them and they have your size.)

Strawberries are in. A road side stand were selling these beauties on Sunday. $12 for the half flat. We ate quite a few then made some strawberry margaritas. The lady at the stand said to keep them for a week or more put them in an air tight bowl with a paper towel on the bottom.

At the craft sale on Saturday a lady was selling out her stain glass. I fell in love with this hummingbird. The price was right at $7.50 so it now hangs in my front window. We have seen many hummingbirds at our campgrounds, so it is a little reminder of our stay in CA.

Sunday afternoon we went across the road to Menifee Lakes Country Club.

This is the driving range where we hit a bucket of balls. I'm not sure if I'm getting better or not.

Here we could practice our chipping and putting. I enjoy putting.

Sunday night the weather turned windy and colder. I spent the evening putting a jigsaw puzzle together. It was a pretty easy one.

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