Friday, March 18, 2011


Larry and I were able to attend the 14th annual line dance rally at Wilderness Lakes TT from March 14 to March 17. It was very well done, with great teachers, great decorations, and well organized.

Paul Dornstedt in front of the well decorated fireplace in the family center.

Movie posters were hung from the ceiling with all the "star" teachers pictures and names.

Rhonda was the organizer of this rally and she did a terrific job. Mike was the DJ at the family center all day long and also for the evening dances. Thanks to him we had the music to dance to.

Each morning we gathered at the family center for demos of the dances that would be taught that day.
On Thursday everybody was dressed up for St. Patrick Day. Sue is on the right and I enjoyed dancing with her during the week.

Terri Slemmons demonstrating the dance she would be teaching that day.

Sharon Langford showing us It Will and Is Baby's Radio On. She teaches older ladies and gave us some beginner dances to learn. I enjoyed getting dancing and talking with know her.

After seeing the dances for the day some of us (30 to 40) headed to the gazebo for the beginners/easy intermediate dances. ( some were not so easy with up to 64 counts with lots of turns and tags) The floor was concrete and a little hard on the legs for dancing for three hours.

Ken Lubin was the DJ at the gazebo and he did a very nice job.

Karla Dornstedt teaching us Mi Rowsu.

Terri teaching us All Night Long. It didn't take us that long to learn it. (just was starting to feel that way)

We had a very good fried chicken lunch Tuesday afternoon and every morning there was coffee and doughnuts.

Thursday night was the Hollywood Theme Dance finale. We enjoyed an hour of dancing and then we enjoyed some entertainment by some of the teachers and dancers.

"Naomi Judd" showed up and sang to us.

Two of the "Little Rascals" danced and sang to Lollipop. (Frey we could do this)

Wow, even "Marilyn Monroe" entertained us.

Paul dressed as Delila, Marilyn's long lost sister. He sang a song about what he had left from his romance as he produced them out of his blouse.

The show stopper was the zombie dance to Thriller by Noel Castle, Kathy Van Luven and three other dancers that came from Mount Vernon, Washington.

Beauty and the beasties? A whole lot of talent.Here's to all the teachers this week. From left to right Terri Slemmons, Karla Dornstedt, Kathy Van Luven, Paul Dornstedt, Rueben Luna, and Noel Castle.
Dorothy Lubin, Anna Maria Prach, and Sharon Langford. Connie Frey, Gene Morrill, and Lou Ann Schemmel also taught but were not here for the closing.

I really enjoyed learning the dances from so many different teachers. It was fun seeing each ones teaching style. I picked up a few hints on how to help someone learn some of the steps. There was a girl in our group that had never danced before, so they were very patient with her and helped her with the basics. She was catching on pretty fast by the last day.
I don't think I will remember any of the dances, but the step sheets were given to us so I can go back and review them. It was a fun week and I'm glad we had the opportunity to do it. I hope my path will cross again with many of these dancers.

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