Saturday, April 9, 2011


We left Vegas Sunday at noon to go back to Mike Thompson RV to get the Phaeton. The traffic was very heavy at Primm and in several places on I-15. All vehicles have to go through this inspection center entering California, so there was a back up here. We finally got to the dealership at 5:30. We had a nice 50 amp hook-up to be parked at for the next few days.
On Monday they had to finish working on the Phaeton to fix a few things we had requested. We were to have our walk through of it at 10 but it was not ready until 2. I kept busy emptying all of the cabinets in the Monaco. How did we have so much in it!! After the walk through we spent until 10 at night transferring our belongings, and it still look like we hadn't started yet in the Monaco. Tuesday I tackled the job of trying to find a home for all the things in the Phaeton. I was sure we were going to have less space but in the end I had plenty. We spent till noon Wednesday "throwing" my clothes and many other last minute things into the coach. We had our closing meeting and by 2:30 all work was done and we were ready to go. Someone had to drive our coach to Arizona because we were out of state buyers. Otherwise we would have to pay CA taxes and register it i. I drove the car to the Flying J at Ehrangberg,AZon route 10. We spent the night at Colorado River Oasis (an ROD park) just up the road. We were very tired and it had gotten quite windy.
Thursday morning we decided to drive on and go to Verde Valley Thousand Trail park in Cottonwood, AZ. A storm front was coming in and it was very windy, so we were either being pushed or hit on the side. We were glad to get here and parked. Since this storm was to bring snow to Flagstaff, AZ we have decided to stay here till Sunday.
Our two Euro chairs. The one on the left if the one we had purchased when we remodeled last year. we had two of the other chair but decided to keep our own.

Our closet for all our clothes. My half, Larry's is on the left. Notice the light in the closet, it comes on when you open the door.
It has a bath and a half. This is the half bath.
The built in desk, the filing drawer is on the other side of the table.
My kitchen cabinets with pull out drawers. Amazing how much they hold.
I can't see into the pull out drawers so this little folding step stool makes life much easier.
The stool even has a perfect place to be stored.
I really like how the stove cover folds up and out of the way.
A house refrigerator!
The shelves on the door is a great way to store things so they don't move around when we travel.
The freezer has three shelves. I can have lots of ice cream now!

The middle TV. One of 4, the fourth is outside.
The bedroom TV.
A king size bed with a memory mattress.
My washing machine. I've already done several loads of wash. It's great. Since I never had a washer and dryer before in a RV if anyone has any helpful hints I would appreciate them.
The dryer.
The back bathroom has a lot of mirrors and storage.
A pot of daffodils to give a spring touch.( I even saw a robin yesterday!) I feel very much at home in my new RV and all are welcome to come for a visit or be our house guest for a few days.

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