Thursday, June 30, 2011


Before leaving Greenville, MS I wanted to take the new bridge across the Mississippi River to Arkansas.

This bridge was just opened in 2010.

The river was fast flowing.

We ate lunch in Arkansas and came back to Mississippi.

We visited the two other Casinos in Greenville that are on the river. We came away $5.00 richer.

On Sunday we drove across Mississippi and back to Red Bay, AL. Monday morning they replaced our mirrors, but the problem is really the length of the mirror's arms so they still vibrate. We were on our way by noon. We went across the top of Alabama and entered Tennessee at Chattanooga.

We stopped for the evening at Sweetwater Valley KOA.

This KOA would be a great place to bring kids for they had a lot for them to do. This is the jumping pillow. The sign said you had to get parent permission to go on it, but the woman said we could and encouraged us to try it.

It really was a work out, but lots of fun. Afterwards we played a game of sand volleyball. I guess the kid in us wanted to get out and play.

Sweetwater was about 30 miles south of Knoxville, so Tuesday morning we got up at 6:30
to start our journey. Since we hit Knoxville at rush hour we took 640 around it and had very little traffic. We were only on 40 for a short while before we got on 81 and headed north through Virginia.

I had my camera ready this time when we passed the tornado damage along 81 above Bristol. All along our drive in Mississippi and Tennessee we went by several areas that had some tornado damage. It would be an area with only a few houses but half of the homes had been destroyed and usually a lot of tree damage.
This area along 81 had a lot of damage.

81 in Virginia is over 350 miles long. Larry wanted to see how far we could get today, so we went through West Virginia ( 81 is only about 20 miles long)

Maryland, for 12 miles,

and into PA.

Well we made it this far so lets make it home. We stayed on 81 to Harrisburg and then dropped down to Lancaster and back to Circle M in Millersville. We were parked by 8, thank heavens for daylight saving time and summer.
It was a long day of driving, over 600 miles, but it sure was nice to be back home in this beautiful weather.

Today we had Brady, our oldest grandchild, come over and help detail the RV.
We all took a break and went and played golf. The humidity is down and it is perfect summer weather. We are glad to be back in PA.

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