Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Just west of Red Bay in Mississippi is the Silver Dollar Grocery store. It sells dented or outdated food. I stocked in on soups and a few other can goods. Might be a redneck.

We drove a few more miles on the Natchez Trace Parkway.

We stopped and walked up this trail to an overlook. It was a steep 1/4 miles hiked.

A nice view and it would be beautiful in the fall.

Our destination was the Coon Dog Cemetery. Might be a redneck.

The GPS got us off the Natchez Trace and unto a road that had a sign for the cemetery. After driving about 10 miles there was a road sign - bridge out , road closed. We tried to take another road but ended back up on the Trace once more and had to drive another 30 miles to get to the Coon Dog Cemetery.

Know someone with a coon dog here is the number to call.

A lot of coon dogs have been buried here.

The grave marker for the first dog buried here, Troop, Key Underwood's dog.

Some elaborate markers, they really love their dogs.

Everyone told us to go eat at Swamp John's, so on our way home we had dinner here.
Might be a redneck.

A healthy meal of fried catfish and fries along with hush puppies! My fries were sweet potato fries:) Might be a redneck.For lunch the next day we ate at Piggly Wiggly Food store. It has a nice little cafeteria in the back with an eating area. Might be a redneck.

On Monday we went and said hello to Bob Tiffin, the founder of Tiffin Motor homes.

When we were in town this truck stopped us and asked for help finding the campground. At the end of the day we had them come to our motorhome and put the film on our bathroom windows.

We can see out but other can't see in, so we don't have to have the shade down in the bathroom all the time.

When I dusted the dashboard the other day I found this crack.

We showed it to the service tech and they realize it was also cracked at the bottom.

The first plan was to repair the crack, but then they decide it would be best to replace the dash.

So this is how our RV looks on Wednesday night after they worked all day. We are hoping they will get the dash replaced tomorrow, so we can get back on the road.

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