Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The 46th annual NCT rally is at the Washington County Convention Center in Greenville, MS. This is the building where we hold all our events - even the parades. Up to today the weather has been hot ( upper 90's), humid, and very windy. Today it was rainy and it is to rain for the next few days.

Our rigs are rather spread out. Can you find us? There are only about 100 rigs here this year.

Sure nice to see our Florida chapter. Larry is the wagon master and I am secretary for the Blue Herons next year. We will enjoy catching up with the rest of the members who weren't here at the National rally when we return to Florida in November.

You can always find the youth in these purple shirts. They are looking at a cotton plant.

A cotton plant with flowers and cotton balls.

John Groves was MC for the opening ceremonies.

Sunday evening the youth group enjoyed dancing to the singing of Gary Kattawan. He was a good entertainer. He sure was full of energy, and his show was lots of fun.

The next evening Elvis was in the building for our entertainment.

Bill Brooks was Elvis and I enjoyed his songs and all the funny stories he told.

Cindi and Herb ran the bean bag baseball game. Joan Groves was on my team. We lost :( 11 to 10, a close game.

I also played washer board and golf ball gymnastics. I won one game each, then lost the next game, but it was lots of fun.

This was a tour reunion luncheon. John ran his first tour to Nova Scotia in 2005 and we have traveled with him since 2008. We formed Masonic RV Tours in January 2010. It is nice seeing all the people we have traveled with in Alaska, Nova Scotia, and the Blue Ridge. John is leaving after the rally to run an Alaska tour and then a Western Parks tour. We ar headed back to PA

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