Monday, June 6, 2011


After a Memorial Day picnic at Shannon's and Mark's, Larry's son, we left PA for AL. Our first stop was near Saunton,VA. I saw the Stoney Creek Resort in Greenville,VA listed in our Passport America camping guide. It turned out to be about 10 miles off 81 and the further we went the worse the road got. The lane into the campground was hardly paved, narrow, and with low hanging trees. We had to unhook for there were no pull throughs. Luckily we decided to go see our site in the car. No way were we taking the RV back the road and the site was awful, so we got our money back and drove to the Saunton/Walnut Hill KOA. So if you are a passport member mark this park as a don't stop here in your book. The Koa was closer to 81 and much nicer. It had a great pool.

The next day we drove to Crossvile, TN. Just north of Bristol we saw were a tornado had crossed 81. The damage was on both sides of the road for about a mile. Sorry I didn't have my camera ready for some photos. We went back to Deer Run RV Resort, where we had stopped on our way home to PA in April. It is a very nice Passport park. The only problem was the road to our site was about a mile around the lake and it was very dusty, so the car and RV got very dirty.

Five years ago we met Martha and Joe Mimms in Orlando. Martha and I have kept in touch by email but our path hadn't crossed since. When they heard we were going to Red Bay they made plans to meet us at Natchez Trace Wilderness Park. They live in Columbus,Mississippi, but as many others taking care of a 93 year old father their travel has been limited. We sure enjoyed our visit with them and wish we had been able to stay longer.

Since the weather has had record breaking temperatures since before Memorial Day the pool sure was inviting. Martha and I enjoyed a swim soon after we got set up.

The pickle ball court is a little sad. But guess who we were parked next to - Travis! So he rounded up Buddy and we met at 7 on Friday morning to play a few games. They were there at 6, for by 7 it was already getting too hot to play. We were able to get out of bed at 5:45 Saturday morning to join them at 6 for two hours of pickle ball. I must play better in the early morning because I had my game on. Travis said I was the most improved player there. Ha Ha which wasn't saying much since I had the most improvement to make.

Travis invited us all over for a happy hour cook out on Saturday night. He was a very good host and chef.

Buddy, Diane, Pat and Woody's legs. They all live within 60 miles of this park.

Buddy and Diane entertained us after we ate. Diane may not play pickle ball but she sure can sing. If you have been at Peace River you may know them from the jam sessions.

After that we all left and went to the town hall for a country dance. Martha and Joe dance and they knew more dances then we did. It was a good band and we had a good time.

We didn't drive our RV on the Trace because of low hanging trees, and when you get off you have to go under it with only a 11 foot clearance. We did take the car for a drive along it on Saturday afternoon.

We went to Meriwether Lewis Park ( of Lewis and Clark) . This is where he died mysteriously - suicide or murder?

The old trail is marked so we did take a little walk on it.

Lewis' grave marker.

We then drove into Lawrenceburg. Davy Crocket had lived here. A statue of him was in the town square. There was a little festival going on with bands playing and some vendors. I bought some honey and lettuce.

We walked down the block to a home where David Crockett lived.

We were told this wasn't the cabin he really lived in.

A group of en actors from this period of time. They were camping outside of Crokett's cabin.We enjoyed talking to them. They had been to Gettysburg in 2008 and been part of the Pickett's charge. They had carried the Tennessee flag. I think they were surprised how nice people up north treated them.

We left Sunday morning for a 100 mile drive to Red Bay.

We followed the signs to the campground.

Can you find our Phaeton? hint on the right. All the rigs are waiting for service Monday morning.

We have full hookup with 50 amps, which is needed in this heat.

We are scheduled to be at bay 48 at 7 Monday morning to start our service work.

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