Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My blog has been silent for almost three weeks, but we have been very busy visiting with family and friends. I've also been very forgetful about taking my camera and taking pictures.

We had a nice fourth of July celebration in Lititz with Mark, Shannon, Mystique and Dan. The town put on an awesome firework display on Saturday night.

The corn wagon was opened in time to have lots of tasty corn for the 4th of July. It is just down the road from Circle M.

We were staying at Circle M and the campground was overly packed for the holiday. I never saw so many tents on sites!
Larry and I played on Circle M 9 hole par 3 golf course almost every day. I would occasionally get a hole in 3 and once I even got one in 2. I won't mention how many hits it took to make the other holes.

One day Larry and Jim went to the golf course in Manheim while Sue and I went shopping at Park City. We always have a good time together.

We have also gotten together with Lynn and Jim Mann. We visited them in Arizona in October, but they have moved back to PA. Jim is having some medical problems and isn't able to play golf right now, but we hope to get a game in with them before we head south.

We have had each of our grandsons stay with us for a night. Brady is getting into shape for wrestling and football lifting weights and working out at Planet Fitness.

Thanks to Brady our coach is clean and shiny. He helped Larry detail it, or was it Larry helped him?

We spent several evenings entertaining friends of Larry's from work. They all wanted to see our new RV. I was especially glad to see Mike and Jessie and their 7 month old twins. Larry worked with Mike at the end of his career, and I have known Jessie since she was born. She is the daughter of my good friend, Diane Palmer.

On a sadder note I have been to two funerals. One was Marion Cabott the school nurse for most of my teaching career and the other was a good friend and peer, Pat Dodd. We taught third grade together for 20 years. She retired early because of disabilities and unfortunately died at the age of 64. She loved to read, travel, Phillies, theater, and her cats. Because of her my life has been richer and I have lots of memories of times spent together.

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