Monday, August 15, 2011


On Saturday, Aug 6, Larry and I went to my sister's home and helped her get ready to have her whole house re carpeted. We moved all the knickknacks, Cd's, china, cut glass to the cellar or garage. Larry went back to Circle M and I stayed at my sister's until Wednesday.
We were expecting the carpet men to come about 9 but at 7:45 they were knocking at the door. Lynda caught her cats (she has three) put them in the cellar and we sat outside.

There were two men. One worked upstairs and the other man worked downstairs. First they moved all the furniture to one side of the room. Then they had to cut up the old carpet and mat, roll it up and take it out.

The new carpet being put down in the living room.

All the furniture has to be moved from this side of the room, old carpet taken out and finish installing the new.

The living room is done, now the dining room.

Yes, even the stairs were getting carpeted.

Lynda's bedroom furniture all pushed together. She had removed the carpet from her bedroom when she got her new bedroom suite.

The new carpeting in her bedroom, now it just needed the furniture put back in place.

Bob's bedroom never had carpeting, now it does.

Her computer room is now also carpeted. The computer chair sure doesn't roll on it, so she has to get a mat.

All the carpeting laid, and furniture back where it belonged in only 6 very hot hours! We thought it may take them two days.

We spent the next day washing all the china and cut glass and trying to put it back in the cabinets. Getting all her knickknacks put out, things returned to their proper room and rearranging her living room. Her house is looking real nice.

Lynda , Bob and I used our time outside to go though old family pictures. Many of our great grandparents and great great grandparents but unfortunately many didn't have the date or name on them. But using the family Bibles and a few pictures that do have names I have started work on my geneolgy.

We were also lucky that the rain held off until evening when all outside work was done. The rainbow made a perfect ending to this project.

Saturday we went to Larry's sister's home in Lebanon and had a picnic with her husband Tom (not in this picture) and his brother Trey and his wife Loretta. Trey has been very ill for the past two years and is waiting for a liver transplant. We treasure the time we all get to spend together.

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  1. Man when you said home carpeting, you mean literally the home getting carpeted!