Monday, October 31, 2011


We had a very nice stay at North Myrtle Beach. We went into Myrtle Beach and walked the boardwalk.

The cars in the Sky Wheel are climate controlled.

There was a nice miniature golf course at Briarcliffe, so we had fun playing a few games. Working on getting a hole in one.

Thursday we biked up to the beach (about a mile away) and spent a few hours enjoying the lovely weather. The water was still warm enough to go in. Larry braved the water before I did, but eventually I was floating.

Thursday evening we enjoyed lots of delicious seafood at Captain George's Seafood Buffet.

Then we went over to Boardwalk at the Beach. We listened to some of the Thursday Night concert, but it was a little too loud for our ears. We did enjoy walking around and looking at all the stores. It is a very nice area with lots of restaurants and things to do.

We left Friday morning and drove to Kinglands, Ga for the night and arrived at Ruskin, Fl on Saturday afternoon. We went around Jacksonville and avoided all of the big game traffic, Georgia vs Florida. We saw cars with their team flag flying all the way down. We had to watch the game on Saturday after seeing all the fans.

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