Tuesday, November 8, 2011


We were at Sun Lake RV park in Ruskin, FL from October 29th to November 6.

We had a nice view of the lake.

Our Blue Heron NCT chapter was having its first camp out of the season here from Nov. 2nd to the 6th. Larry is the wagon master for the club this year and I am secretary. We were elected to these offices while we were in California.

We were right across from the rec hall where we had all our activities.

Since this was our first camp out I made a welcome back chili dinner, and we gave them a northern breakfast of cream dried beef.

Jan Gore put out her puzzle. Mimi Poore made some progress. Helen and Charles Chambers were sick so they didn't make the rally or I'm sure the puzzle would have been finished.
We also had fun line dancing every day.

Jan had a little craft for us to make.

Our happy hour always had food, this became our Saturday dinner. Here Ann Cains and Audrey Young are putting out their contribution to the meal.

Marty and Audrey Young and Tam and Chuck Oates( newly weds.)

From the window are Cliff and Jo Delk. It was nice seeing Jo here for she had spent the last three days in the hospital, Mimi and Paul Poore. On the other side of the table are Jim and Jan Gore.

We had fun with an Old Geezer quiz. They knew all the answers, I think I'm the youngest in this group.

We also played How Well Do You Know Us. Marty the Master of Travel (MOT),his wife Audrey , Larry and I thought of 15 things about us and the rest had to guess who had done it. Like who had jumped out of a plane? the answer is me.

Every evening we played a new card game we learned in Myrtle Beach called sevens or spades. You use two decks of cards except take out one run of spades. All the cards are passed out. the person next to the dealer starts. The seven of spades has to be played before any other card. If that person doesn't have the 7 of spades the person on their right gives them one of their cards. It is usually an A because they are worth 100 points if you have any in your hand when someone goes out. Play continues this way around the table till the 7 of spades is laid out. After the 7 of spades is played the other 7 can be laid down or the 6 or 8 of spades. Only after a spade has been laid down can that card be played on any other suit. If you can't play you always get a card from the person to your right. When someone gets rid of all their cards everyone has to count how many points they have in their hand. A = 100, K,Q,J,10 are 10 points and 9-2 are worth 5 points. We kept a running score and when everyone had a turn to deal the game was over, with high score losing and low score winning.

Tam getting a card from Jan.

Saturday was the business meeting. I read the minutes from April. Dick Kettering is on the end and is our treasurer. He is 93 very alert and active and driving his RV.

Joyce and Ken Williams(standing) came for the meeting but he isn't able to drive his rig yet. He has had shingles on his face and had two eye surgeries. He had just had his right eye sown shut.

Several of us went over to the Seafood Festival in Ruskin.It was $2 to park and $4 entrance fee for a senior. You had to purchase tickets for food when you entered. They said the meals were about $6 -8 and drinks were $2-4. So were got $20 worth.

We walked over to where the food was and then had to decide what we were going to have.

The shortest line was at the clam chowder so this is what Larry and I ate. It was very good and we took another bowl home. We had to use up our tickets.

The rest stood in long slow moving lines for fish dinners.

A little dessert of funnel cake was shared by Marty, Tam and Chuck.

We left on Sunday and stopped at Fort Meade for a Shrine barbecue chicken and pork dinner at Peace River Park. We are now parked at Thousand Trails in Clermont for the next three weeks. It poured for a few minutes right after we got to our site and then there was a beautiful full rainbow. I guess this is Florida weather.

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