Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Larry has been playing pickle ball each morning. There has usually been enough players for both courts to have games going.

Charlotte saying goodbye to Lou and his wife. They are going home for the holidays. There have been a lot of players coming and going.

While Larry plays pickle ball I have been doing line dancing. Karen ( in boots) has been doing most of the teaching. Each day our group is growing.

Our first entertainment. I really enjoy Mike's music and I bought another one of his CD's.

Diane has a nice voice and we enjoyed her singing. It was a fun evening of music and dancing.

We saw this play advertised in the paper so we got ticket for Sunday. The theater is in Winter Garden. The play was about a group of seniors trying to save the place where they live by putting on a show. It was a musical and everyone had great voices. All the songs were from other plays or songs we know, so it did not have an original score. We did enjoy the play and it was very well attended.

I'm another year older, so know I can get my social security!

We found an Elephant Bar Restaurant here in Orlando! We thought it was only in Palm Springs.

We came here for my birthday celebration with Larry and Jeanie. They live in Sarasota and drove up to visit us for the day.

We all had a delicious meal and then had yummy desserts.

I had two desserts! I didn't know they were surprising me with the ice cream and I had ordered the cream brulee. What a birthday!!!

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