Wednesday, November 16, 2011


My get well flowers from Larry. I have had a cold for over a week, but hope I'm getting over it now and haven't given it to Larry.

Ann taught me how to knit dish clothes at our camp out. So this is the third one I have made.

Looks like our car. Look closer. Our car was at the dealership getting the lift gate fixed. We were thinking about getting another car, so they let us test drive and use this Equinox while they repaired our car. We were thinking of a smaller vehicle and one with better gas mileage.

It really wasn't much different then what we have, so we will keep our car for now.

A few days later we were back at the dealership with a burnt our headlight. Would you believe they have to take the bumper off to fix it and then it took a whole new headlight. Over $500 in all, luckily warranty covered it all.

We went to Orlando Art Museum for Festival of Trees. It is a big fund raiser for the museum. Tuesday was Senior day.

Lots of beautiful plants for sale.

That's a tall tree.

This hall had all gingerbread houses. They were for sale from $90 to $500.

This was one of my favorites. A gingerbread doll house.

The outside of the doll house.

A gingerbread church.

There were lots of small size trees, perfect for in an RV.

This was a clever use of wine corks. Sure would have to drink a lot of wine to make one.

Shells look pretty on a tree.

A tree full of nut crackers.

One of the volunteers offered to take our picture.

This tree won first place. Can you guess what the ornaments are made out of? There really was a tree under them.

If you look closely you will see the bottles.
It was neat how each tree had a theme. This one was all about the arm services.

This one had a school theme.

I liked how this went from white to dark blue.

Lot of Santas.

This was called angels in the garden. I thought the cone shape angel was clever and simple to make, paper and a nut for the head.

When we went in they gave all seniors a raffle ticket and then at 1:45 they raffled off lots of gifts. We were lucky to win a bag with bath salt and lotion.

This begins our holiday activities. It was just a little earlier then usual.

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