Sunday, December 18, 2011


Larry's sister, Barb, and her husband Tom flew down on Dec. 17 to stay with us for the week. It was the first time Tom had ever been to Florida and Barb had never been to Disney so on Tuesday we all went to Hollywood Studios. Larry and I worked here three years ago, then it was called MGM.

We went to the Indiana Jones Show and saw all these cars stunts at Camera, Lights, Action.

Larry and I enjoyed watching three contestants compete for American Idol. There are four shows a day then the winners from each show compete in the evening. That winner gets a ticket to go to the front of the line at any American Idol audition in the USA.

There even was a panel of judges and they commented after each performance, just like on TV. The audience voted on a keypad on their chair.

We always enjoy the street entertainment. Barb(behind Larry) got to be part of it.

The Street of America had the most amazing light show I have ever seen. There are over 5 million lights!

Christmas music was playing and the lights danced to it.

The Osborne family started it with 1000 lights in Iowa.

Do you see the Mickey in the middle of the tree? There were suppose to be 29 hidden Mickeys on the street. I think we found 10.

What a beautiful way to celebrate the season!

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