Sunday, December 18, 2011


The Clermont Methodist Church gives toys to families in need in the community each year. They open their doors to a room full of toys all donated by church members, some new some gently used.

We arrived to help at 8:00 on Saturday morning,Dec 10, and there was already a line waiting for it to open at 9. Some people had been in line since early morning.

There were over 50 workers.

The toys were organized by age group and sex. We tried to keep the tables filled.
Teen age boys was the emptiest. There were even gift card to be given if needed.

There was even a room full of bikes for all ages.

Each shopper was able to get three gifts for each child plus 2 stuffed animals and a book.

When they were finished shopping the toys were put in heavy duty black trash bags and they were given wrapping paper.

It was suppose to be over at noon but when we left at 2 there was still a line waiting to go in. Over 900 children will receive gifts on Christmas because of this project.

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