Monday, January 16, 2012


We went to the Tampa RV show on Wednesday, January 11.

We met our friends Larry and Jeanie who were looking at all the RV's. They had sold their RV and are thinking of getting another, but were just looking today.

We weren't looking for a new RV, we are very happy with our Phaeton.

We do have a new toaster. We needed one after I toasted a pen the other morning. Lucky I didn't start a fire!

The second Saturday of each month there is the car show in Longwood. We went and vended Waterless car wash Saturday night. It was a cool night but we sold a lot of product so it was worth our drive. It is hard getting show car owners to switch from the product they use to clean and shine their cars. The people who run the show use and love our product. They talk it up all the time. This car owner just got sold on our waterless and detailed this car with it.

Longwood fire company had a housing of two new pieces of equipment on Saturday.

There was also the Rescue 4 truck from New York City. No one on this truck survived on 9/11.

Saturday night the temperature went below freezing. We left Clerbrook RV park early Sunday morning and there was ice on the slide outs and roof of the RV. Driving to Thousand Trails the fog over the lakes was impressive. That is a fog cloud over a lake.

We got to Thousand Trails early so we could get some propane. We then were lucky enough to get site E 21, a 50 amp site. Since we were here early we set up at the craft show in the rec hall.

Linda and Wendell invited us over for some Louisiana gumbo on Sunday evening. Very tasty.

Sunday evening we were entertained by the Hyssongs. A family gospel singing group.

They had very nice voices and were good entertainers, even posed for me when I took this picture. They have entertained here at TT for many years but this was the first we had seen them.

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