Sunday, January 8, 2012


Jan 4th to the 8th we camped with the Blue Herons, our NCT chapter, at Old Mill Stream RV park in Umatilla,FL. It has a lovely rec room for us to use. We held all our activities inside since it was a little cool the first few days.

Jan and Mimi planned the meals for the camp out, and Helen gave a helping hand. We had hobo soup, corn bread and brownies and ice cream the first night. For hobo soup everyone contributed a can of soup, it turned out quite tasty. One night had a pot luck with each rig having a whole roasted chicken. Saturday morning there was sausage gravy, biscuits and scrambled eggs. Saturday evening there was pork barbecue, beans and coleslaw. Every meal was delicious.

Marty getting breakfast from Mimi.

We all went to the Quarterdeck in town for fish fry on Friday night.

The business meeting was held on Saturday morning.

Jim, Lois, Charlie, Helen, Chuck, Pam and Audrey waiting for the business meeting.

Dick, Roberta, Lois, Jim , Helen and Charlie enjoyed playing cards each evening.

Charlie, Helen, Mimi, Jan and I put together three 500 piece puzzles.

Then we decided to tackle the 750 piece puzzle my son gave me for Christmas.

We finished it Saturday night. It was quite a challenge, we all were seeing red by the time it was done. ( I'll save it for you Ruthann.)

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