Saturday, March 31, 2012


On Saturday the Clermont Methodist Church had Jerusalem Marketplace for the children in the community. They received eight gold coins when they came in and then they moved around the market place doing the different activities. They gave a gold coin at each booth and received a plastic egg, a little different egg hunt.
Here they were making some jewelry.
At the bakery they kneaded bread.
The candy shop was a delicious stop with homemade fudge.
This potter was very talented.
They got to make a cross out of clay and decorate it with jewels.The tax collector checked to see if you were paid up.
The beggar asking for alms.
Evie is a very knowledgeable lady and told all about the spices and how they relate to stories of Jesus.
The children had lots of fun doing the activities.
There were lots of activities for the children to do at the synagogue school, but it was closing when I came to take the picture.
At the carpentry shop there was sanding to do and nails to hammer.
The petting area was two rabbits and a kid, that is a baby goat.
and a donkey.
The last stop was the upper room with the disciples waiting for Jesus. Do you see Larry? He was Matthew, 5th from the right. May this week be a Holy one for all of you and Happy Easter.


We got the ceiling and insulation in on Tuesday.
Sandi and Dave will finish the windows, framing the door, and finish the painting.
The room is finished and looks great!
Tuesday night we all took Lewis and his wife out to the OakWood grill for dinner.
On Thursday our last assignment was to get the back of the maintenance building painted.
Many hands made quick work of it.
Virginia and Larry hung the doors on the cabinets.
All the supplies sorted and put on the new shelves.
Another project was to build a gaga. It is used to play the game, like dodge ball.
Claudia was a very talented artist and painted this mural in the dining room at the enrichment center.

At lunch they had a cake to say farewell. They then had a delicious evening banquet for us on Thursday night. After dinner we had a nice communion service at the chapel by the lake. We really enjoyed working with everyone and look forward to seeing them on other projects.

Monday, March 26, 2012


This is the maintenance building where we are doing a lot of work. One project is to paint the outside grey.
Richard and Gary working on cutting down these cabinets to fit the maintenance office.
The cabinet was really heavy.
It took all the guys to pick it up and put it on the base.
Larry installed the grids for the drop ceiling.
Thursday night Allen Brown showed us his power point presentation about being at the pentagon on 9/11
It was a very interesting program. Did you know that the Pentagon was started to be built on Sept. 11, 1941? The section the plane hit was being remodeled and not many people were in that section, so only 125 people were killed out of the 25,000 who work at the pentagon. They worked around the clock to rebuild the damaged section of the pentagon and a three year job was finished in 11 months.
We have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. We spent each day back at Orlando TT vending, installing lights, visiting friends and watching the evening entertainment. We saw Laughing Bird last year in Arizona and really enjoyed them, so we were glad to see their performance again. We also took a golf lesson on chipping and putting and then played a game of golf with Mark and Laurie. I'm not sure the lessons have helped ;)
Back to work Monday morning. The painting needs to get done, so many of us worked on the overhang.
At morning break we were treated to warm cinnamon buns. We sure eat well.
After lunch we took a group picture.
Gary and Larry doing the electrical work and installing the ceiling lights. After they were installed we started getting the ceiling panels and insulation in. We were half way finished at quitting time.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


We met for devotions and then Lewis Arnold, the project leader sitting at the table went over the days agenda.

Lots of shelving is being built to help organize the maintenance area. Getting them square and level takes a little bit of work.

We have a break at 10 each morning and then at noon we are given lunch in the mess hall.

Cheese steak sandwich with onion, peppers and mushrooms with a side of potato salad.
Very good and filling.

I painted all morning and then I helped Larry with the door he was installing. The NOMADS had cut the hole in the cinder block last week, so Larry framed it out and installed the door. The materials are all previously used or left over, so a project always presents additional challenges.

He made it fit perfectly! Another door installed.

Another group worked on getting these cabinets cut down and base made to fit this room. A great job. This room got painted today and tomorrow we should be able to put the ceiling in. Keep us in your prayers.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


When we were at Peace River a couple who were with NOMADS parked next to us. We had looked into joining this group several times before. We felt now was the time to join. NOMADS is a mission volunteer program of the United Methodist Church. In the weekly newsletter I saw there had been cancellations at Fruitland Park, Florida and they could use some volunteers. We were only 40 miles away so we called and moved here Monday afternoon.

This is a very nice campground with over 35 full hook up sites. It is filled with NOMADS and workcampers.

This is a beautiful facility used for lots of retreats and conferences.

A well stocked Christian bookstore.

A quiet place to pray and worship.

Across the road from the Life Enrichment center is the Warren Willis Camp. This is where we will be working.

At 8 Tuesday morning we all met for devotions and about 8:30 started working.

Our job was to put a window in this door.

This is the window.

It was a solid wood door. We couldn't take the door off so Larry had to cut the hole for the window this way.

The hole for the window.

The camp has a nice wood shop. Larry getting a piece of wood to frame out the window.

The window framed out. We won't paint it because the whole building will be painted later.

The window looks nice.

Fellow NOMADS, Marty and Donna painting some trim.

The maintenance building is being spruced up by the NOMADS.

Last week they worked on making this room for the maintenance office. Larry and I will be hanging the ceiling in it tomorrow. The gentlemen in white is Lewis and he is the leader for this project. A project last for three weeks but we came a week late. We enjoyed our first day.