Friday, March 16, 2012


The Blue Herons camped at Torrey Oaks in Bowling Green from March 7 to 11. We had the lounge for cooking and our activities. Lois and Jim made pancakes and sausage for breakfast on Saturday morning.

Sally and Bobby Lesesne had to have windows repaired in their rig and didn't make it to Torrey Oaks till Friday. We all were sure glad to see them.

The Gores, Delks, Youngs, Chambers, Oakes, Bults at the business meeting Saturday morning.

We learned a lot more about Lois, Jim, Helen and Charlie playing our Guess Who game. It is sad to have to say good by to Jim and Lois. This is the last time they will be camping with us for they are headed back to New York and going to leave their RV there next year.
We hope to see them at the Christmas party.

Jan taught us to play Pokeno. A fast way to get rid of our pennies, but we had a lot of fun playing.

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