Wednesday, March 21, 2012


We met for devotions and then Lewis Arnold, the project leader sitting at the table went over the days agenda.

Lots of shelving is being built to help organize the maintenance area. Getting them square and level takes a little bit of work.

We have a break at 10 each morning and then at noon we are given lunch in the mess hall.

Cheese steak sandwich with onion, peppers and mushrooms with a side of potato salad.
Very good and filling.

I painted all morning and then I helped Larry with the door he was installing. The NOMADS had cut the hole in the cinder block last week, so Larry framed it out and installed the door. The materials are all previously used or left over, so a project always presents additional challenges.

He made it fit perfectly! Another door installed.

Another group worked on getting these cabinets cut down and base made to fit this room. A great job. This room got painted today and tomorrow we should be able to put the ceiling in. Keep us in your prayers.

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