Saturday, March 31, 2012


On Saturday the Clermont Methodist Church had Jerusalem Marketplace for the children in the community. They received eight gold coins when they came in and then they moved around the market place doing the different activities. They gave a gold coin at each booth and received a plastic egg, a little different egg hunt.
Here they were making some jewelry.
At the bakery they kneaded bread.
The candy shop was a delicious stop with homemade fudge.
This potter was very talented.
They got to make a cross out of clay and decorate it with jewels.The tax collector checked to see if you were paid up.
The beggar asking for alms.
Evie is a very knowledgeable lady and told all about the spices and how they relate to stories of Jesus.
The children had lots of fun doing the activities.
There were lots of activities for the children to do at the synagogue school, but it was closing when I came to take the picture.
At the carpentry shop there was sanding to do and nails to hammer.
The petting area was two rabbits and a kid, that is a baby goat.
and a donkey.
The last stop was the upper room with the disciples waiting for Jesus. Do you see Larry? He was Matthew, 5th from the right. May this week be a Holy one for all of you and Happy Easter.

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