Tuesday, March 20, 2012


When we were at Peace River a couple who were with NOMADS parked next to us. We had looked into joining this group several times before. We felt now was the time to join. NOMADS is a mission volunteer program of the United Methodist Church. In the weekly newsletter I saw there had been cancellations at Fruitland Park, Florida and they could use some volunteers. We were only 40 miles away so we called and moved here Monday afternoon.

This is a very nice campground with over 35 full hook up sites. It is filled with NOMADS and workcampers.

This is a beautiful facility used for lots of retreats and conferences.

A well stocked Christian bookstore.

A quiet place to pray and worship.

Across the road from the Life Enrichment center is the Warren Willis Camp. This is where we will be working.

At 8 Tuesday morning we all met for devotions and about 8:30 started working.

Our job was to put a window in this door.

This is the window.

It was a solid wood door. We couldn't take the door off so Larry had to cut the hole for the window this way.

The hole for the window.

The camp has a nice wood shop. Larry getting a piece of wood to frame out the window.

The window framed out. We won't paint it because the whole building will be painted later.

The window looks nice.

Fellow NOMADS, Marty and Donna painting some trim.

The maintenance building is being spruced up by the NOMADS.

Last week they worked on making this room for the maintenance office. Larry and I will be hanging the ceiling in it tomorrow. The gentlemen in white is Lewis and he is the leader for this project. A project last for three weeks but we came a week late. We enjoyed our first day.

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