Saturday, March 31, 2012


We got the ceiling and insulation in on Tuesday.
Sandi and Dave will finish the windows, framing the door, and finish the painting.
The room is finished and looks great!
Tuesday night we all took Lewis and his wife out to the OakWood grill for dinner.
On Thursday our last assignment was to get the back of the maintenance building painted.
Many hands made quick work of it.
Virginia and Larry hung the doors on the cabinets.
All the supplies sorted and put on the new shelves.
Another project was to build a gaga. It is used to play the game, like dodge ball.
Claudia was a very talented artist and painted this mural in the dining room at the enrichment center.

At lunch they had a cake to say farewell. They then had a delicious evening banquet for us on Thursday night. After dinner we had a nice communion service at the chapel by the lake. We really enjoyed working with everyone and look forward to seeing them on other projects.

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