Monday, March 26, 2012


This is the maintenance building where we are doing a lot of work. One project is to paint the outside grey.
Richard and Gary working on cutting down these cabinets to fit the maintenance office.
The cabinet was really heavy.
It took all the guys to pick it up and put it on the base.
Larry installed the grids for the drop ceiling.
Thursday night Allen Brown showed us his power point presentation about being at the pentagon on 9/11
It was a very interesting program. Did you know that the Pentagon was started to be built on Sept. 11, 1941? The section the plane hit was being remodeled and not many people were in that section, so only 125 people were killed out of the 25,000 who work at the pentagon. They worked around the clock to rebuild the damaged section of the pentagon and a three year job was finished in 11 months.
We have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. We spent each day back at Orlando TT vending, installing lights, visiting friends and watching the evening entertainment. We saw Laughing Bird last year in Arizona and really enjoyed them, so we were glad to see their performance again. We also took a golf lesson on chipping and putting and then played a game of golf with Mark and Laurie. I'm not sure the lessons have helped ;)
Back to work Monday morning. The painting needs to get done, so many of us worked on the overhang.
At morning break we were treated to warm cinnamon buns. We sure eat well.
After lunch we took a group picture.
Gary and Larry doing the electrical work and installing the ceiling lights. After they were installed we started getting the ceiling panels and insulation in. We were half way finished at quitting time.

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  1. Was a pleasure meeting & working with you. Hope we are able to do so in the future.

    Dave & Sandi