Sunday, April 29, 2012


 Thursday night we all went to Oriental for dinner at Bruntley's.  We are eating a lot of good seafood.
 Friday morning we all went to New Bern to Tryon Palace.  It was built by British governor William Tryon and was the capital building when New Bern was North Carolina's capital in the late 1700's.
 We toured the palace and some of the homes and then went for lunch at Sting Ray Cafe.
 More fish. Soft shell crab is in season, I haven't been brave enough to try it yet. They served crab fries which are french fries with old bay seasoning.
 New Bern is famous for

 The drug store where it all started.

 Saturday Larry and I went to Morehead City. Route 306 goes across Ratton Bay, but instead of the bridge there is free ferry.
 It runs every 30 minutes. We just made caught this ferry.

 It takes 20 minutes to cross. A ferry going from Cherry Point to Minnesott.
 We drove to Beaufort and went to the Maritime Museum. A lot about sea rescues and pirates. This area is known for both.
 Sunday evening Jim, Liz, Larry and I  went back to New Bern to the Tabernacle Baptist Church and heard a hand bell choir and soloist, Craig Cooper.  Craig had sung at the Vandemere Methodist Church last week and has a great voice. It was a beautiful concert.

 Bern means bear and there are painted bears all through out the town. It is fun looking at them.

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