Sunday, May 6, 2012


 We pass Hobucken US Coast Guard station each day on the way to work. Jim stopped in and arranged for us to have a tour on Friday morning.
 We were greeted by Kaiser, their mascot. He is a real guard dog.
 We toured these two rescue boats and all of the facilities.
 A little further in Hobucken is R.E. Mayo Co Marina store. You can buy freshly caught fish here.
 Pretty out houses.
The fish is frozen and stored in large freezers.
We bought scallops ($12.95), shrimp($5.50) and flounder ($4.98)
 This area is definitely known for mosquitoes. We spray up as soon as we get up in the morning. So far we have been lucky with only a few bites, but I'm not spending too long outside.

Next Liz, Jim Larry and I took the ferry to Morehead City and ate lunch at Sanitary. Suzanne ,who I dance with in Orlando, had recommended it to me when I said we were going to this area. It is a famous seafood restaurant that has been here since 1938.

 We then drove over to Atlantic Beach and went to Fort Macon.

We saw a good film about the fort and then had an hour tour with a volunteer guide.  He was full of  knowledge and stories.
In 1860 Lee had come here to improve the fort. One of his improvements was to make this entrance much smaller then it had been before, to make it harder for troop to enter.
 When the Confederates took the fort there was only one old man and his wife here.
A year later there was an eleven hour battle before the confederates surrendered.

We just made it on this ferry, if we hadn't there would have been an hour wait.

Saturday Larry and I went back to New Bern. We went to the farmers market and back to Tryon Palace to finish seeing the exhibits in the museum.

We then went on a bear hunt.

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