Thursday, May 3, 2012


 A beautiful sunrise started our second week here at Vandemere.
 Our crew this week. Larry,Bob,Gary,Roland,Jim, Linda, Jeanne,Louise and Liz. Louise was nearly killed by a drunk driver 4 years ago.  The doctors said she would never stand, but she is up and walking.
 The United Methodist Disaster Recovery Center headquarter is in  Aurora, 22 miles away. We will be working at homes in Aurora this week.
 This fossil museum is across the street from the headquarters. Looks interesting.
 We all went to Ethel's house on Monday.
 Other volunteers had put in new dry wall on the bottom of all the rooms and then put on chair rail. Linda and Bob started sanding to get the rooms ready to paint.
 Gary getting the walls ready in the kitchen.
 Roland spackeling where the walls needed more work, especially in the kitchen.
 Break time.
 Linda and Jim getting the prime paint on the walls.
 Larry had the messy job of sanding the ceiling.
 Liz spent a lot of time in the closets painting.
Tuesday Larry, Gary and Bob went to Linda's house to finish her kitchen so she can move out of the FEMA trailer (on the right).
 The cabinets had to be hung in the kitchen.
 Jim and Roland were working on Annie's house putting in the kitchen counter. Volunteers in Mission from Altoona,PA had done a lot of work in this house. They left this lovely cross on the wall in her living room.
 We primed all the walls and then painted them a light beige. 4 days of painting, done at last!
Notice the clothing has changed since Monday. Each day got hotter and hotter (90's). Found the air conditioning on Thursday at noon.

 Linda's kitchen is really coming along, the cabinets look great.Counter top and sink almost done.
 Thursday night we  go out for dinner as a group. This is the closest restaurant, about 5 miles away in Baysboro.
 The "rolls" are hush puppies. Hard to eat just one.
I love the she-crab soup the serve here. We come here after church on Sundays and I have at least a cup each time.

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