Thursday, May 10, 2012


 There was a super full moon on Saturday night but it rained  so we didn't get to see it. Sunday the moon was out for a few hours, before the clouds covered it up. What a lovely view out our front window.
 Our work team for this week. Jennie and Gary left and now Edna and Heber join us.
 We were painting the doors, door frames and chair rail in all the rooms at Ethel's house. We only had a roll of painters tape so we kept it in the shower as Linda moved it from one spot to another.
 Edna painted all six sides of the doors for the four closets.
 Liz and I worked on laying the laminate flooring.
 Getting the flooring around the door jams was quite a challenge!
We put flooring in the back bedroom. We were to do the hallway but we ran out of time.
Larry and Bob worked at Linda's house on Monday finishing up her kitchen. The sink is in!

 When we are finished at a house we present the owner with a Bible. Larry showing Linda where he had written his e-mail address. She wants to send us a picture of her home when it is finished. She got a month extension to stay in her FEMA trailer until June.
 The FEMA trailer is gone at Annie's and she is in her home!
 Annie's beautiful new home. She was so happy and appreciative. She gave us a very nice thank you card.
 Liz cutting flooring.  I was using these saws this week. A first for me! I learned how to lay laminate flooring and how to use some saws!
 Heber and Roland cutting some molding. Getting those angles right is tricky!
 Melissa is a college student from South Carolina who helped us this week.The crown molding was up, now caulking to fill in the cracks.
 Larry and Bob hung the cabinets, put in the sink, and counter top at Ethel's home.
Bob working on the kitchen counters.
 Thursday afternoon we packed up all our tools. We painted, laid the floor,and hung the crown molding. The base board still needs to be put in but another group will have to finish.The NOMADS time at Vandemere is over, there are no more NOMADS scheduled to come in for now. But there is plenty of work still to be done and will probable be going on for a few years.
 Several houses are being raised. Amazing!
The weeks have gone by quickly and it is hard to believe it is time to leave. The Vandemere Methodist church had a delicious covered dish meal for us tonight. The people in these communities are very appreciative of all the volunteers that have come to help out. I have a feeling we will be back.

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