Monday, July 9, 2012


 This is where we were parked from June2 to June 22 while we worked with the NOMADS at Camp Occohannock in Belle Haven, VA. A beautiful view, but our Verizon had very poor service so I have been out of touch with everyone. I haven't been able to get my pictures to post until today, so here is an update.
 Our crew was small but we got a lot accomplished in the three weeks. Don  on the left and his wife Mary were the leaders.Some of you may recognize Mary because she taught with me at Octorara School. Bob rounded out our group.

 The dining hall was our main project. We scraped, cleaned and painted it, inside and out.
 The floor was the big challenge.  It had to be cleaned and degreased before we could paint.
 Larry worked a lot harder putting the paint on then this picture shows.
 I had the fun job of being the flake fairy and sprinkling the flakes on the paint.
It was epoxy paint we were using.. It had to be mixed,  sit for 30 minutes and then used within two hours. We used 6 cans and when we were done the dining hall floor we had a lot left over so we did the nurses room and the entrance porch to the residency. It was a long hard day's work, but the results look great.
 Larry and Bob worked a few days repaneling the shower stall in one of the bathrooms.
 Now to the outside of the building. Bob had power washed it all one day, then I even got into the act.
 But it was back to the scraper to get that chipped and peeling paint off. I scraped window frames, floors and wall!
 We primed and painted the walls and then there were the doors. The metal doors were sanded, primed and then painted. I think there were 14 of them!
 The day before we left we tackled the window frames on the residency house, where Jerry the camp director lives. Thanks heavens Bob was getting very fast with a paint brush. The last two days were very hot and we were wilting.
 We had fun on the weekends exploring the area. To commemorate the War of 1812 and the Star Spangle Banner the tall  ships were in at Cape Charles, so we went and enjoyed the festivities.
 The next weekend we took a boat to Tangier Island. We even got to ride in the cabin with the captain. It was an hour and half boat trip. Going over wasn't too bad but coming home was quite choppy.

 You have to go to Tangier by boat and there are only a few cars on the island. It was an interesting island to visit. Another way of life that is slowly disappearing.
Our last night we went to the Island House Restaurant and had  another delicious seafood dinner. Bob spent every free minute he had crabbing and fishing. He was ready for a chicken dinner. We were glad that Jerry the camp director was able to join us for dinner.

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