Monday, July 9, 2012


 We headed north to stop at Killens Pond State Park in Delaware. Larry has decided we have out grown state parks, even though the site was long enough for our rig, it was really hard manuving some of the roads and the dump station.
  Saturday Larry's son Brian brought his boys to camp with us for the week.  My son, Bob drove down on Sunday for the day and we all went kayaking.
 After all that exercise we fed them a healthy meal of ice cream.
 Chase had to have Grandpa help finish his half gallon. Brady ate it all!
 We took  a 3 mile hike around the pond the next day.
 The weather was really hot and one day we cooled off at the water park that is on the other side of the pond.
 We took a day trip to Delaware beaches, Cape Henlopen and Rehoboth. Brady did the 15 year olds thing of getting a tan, Chase dug a hole and I buried him in the sand.
 After being buried it was a good thing Chase loves the water.

 Even with the temperature in the 90's we had to have a cook out for a hot dog dinner.
Thursday we went to  the Air Mobility Command Museum at  Dover Air Force Base.
 We got a guide to show us around but it was so hot most of the airplanes were closed.

 We got to go inside this one and our guide even took us into the cockpit and showed us where he use to sit when he flew this plane.
 There is an old air control tower we were allowed to go in. Some C-5 planes were practicing taking off and landing. Those planes are huge.

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