Thursday, July 12, 2012


 Before leaving Delaware we traded our Outlook and purchased a 2011 Travers.
 It was very crowded at Circle M for the 4th of July. We had to wait on Sunday for someone to leave to get a site. We had a nice 4th of July at my sister's with my son cooking shrimp and burgers on the grill. On Friday my sister came up to spend a few days with us. The weather has been very hot and on Saturday evening we had a strong storm. Many tents and easy ups were blown over, but Larry had ours tied to the picnic table. We watched it lift up and down but it held fast.
The storm lasted less then an half hour but we lost our electricity during it. When we went outside we saw large limbs had fallen from the tree behind us. They just missed our car, the fifth wheel parked by the tree and a tent.
 We soon heard sirens and saw fire trucks in the camp ground. We saw a tree on a cabin below where we were parked, but we think it was empty, so no one was hurt.
 The next day we walked around and realized how much damage had occurred. These are the cabins before the golf course when you drive in.
 Two women were trapped in this cabin when the tree fell on it. We heard 5 or 7 people went to the hospital from the campground.
Two days later this tree still closed this road down to the lower campground, although saws have been going ever since the storm. We didn't have electricity from the time of the storm. Since they weren't sure when the electric would be back on, Sunday afternoon they told us we could leave or stay. We can dry camp for a few days with no problem, so we chose to stay, but my sister decide to go home. We had given her enough excitement. We did get electricity at 10 Sunday night.  Slowly people are starting to come back ino the campground and it should be back in full service by this weekend.

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