Tuesday, August 14, 2012


 My sister, a college friend and some of her friends rent the bottom of a house for a week in Wildwood Crest. Saturday, August 4,  was very hot and our trip to the shore took 5 hours from Philadelphia when it should only take 2. The traffic was a crawl for 8 miles on  55 and then on 47 and 347. I think everyone was headed to the shore on the hot sunny day.
 Nona and Kathy relaxing on the beach. It was sunny but  very windy.
 Lynda, Dottie and Lynn.
 The water was great! Warm and just right for floating and riding waves.
 Lynda even got in the water one day, Kathy was in alot.
 Lynn went home on Tuesday and then brought Lorraine down with her Wednesday night. Now there were six, but only for a night for Nona went home Thursday evening.
 Thursday was the only real sunny day we had where we needed to sit under the umbrellas.
 Since Tuesday the weather was cloudy and a little drizzly we went shopping at Cape May.
 It was rainy on Friday so I got out my 1000 piece puzzle and in 6 hours Kathy, Lorraine and I had it together.
Each of us bring down a meal for five, but we enjoy eating several meals out.
 Tradition has it that  we go to Duffer's for a meal of ice cream.
Elaborate sundaes and waffle ice cream creations.  Could we eat it all?

 We licked the bowls and plates clean!

 One night we walked up the boardwalk and ate at the Doo Wop diner. Hamburgers of all kinds, fries and shakes. Good thing we were doing a lot of walking.

The  big topic of controversy at Wildwood is parking RV's on the beach. These are the site markers for 80 RV's, all dry camping. Many residents are fighting this from happening. I know we aren't going to be driving on that sand!!
A beautiful sunset. We had an enjoyable and fun week and can't wait to go again next year.


 Before leaving for the shore Larry went to Cherry Hill Orchard and picked peaches. I was to take fruit to the shore and we sure had a lot of delicious peaches.
 On Thursday night we met my sister at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square. She is a member and wanted us to see the light exhibit that was on display.
 These sculpture were made out of seltzer water bottles with fiber optic wires in them.
The gardens are opened until 11 o'clock a few days a week so we could view this amazing light project in the dark. Since it was fiber optic lights they continually changed colors.
The forest path was full of these optic lights. It reminded you of fireflies or a scene from Avatar. It was really something to see. It is there until October so if you are in the area I would suggest going to see it. Of course Longwood is an amazing place to visit any time.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hershey TT

 We were only in Hershey TT for a week, but right before we left our friends Jim and Sue came into the park.  They have a new member of the family, Copper.  He seems to be a very good puppy.
 Wednesday was a beautiful day with no humidity, so we took a bike ride on Lebanon Valley Rail
Trail.  It was a slight upgrade for the first three miles, but at least it was downhill going home.  Our destination was the Jigger Ice Cream shop at Mount Gretna.  Good thing we were exercising.
We are back at Circle M and I am on the way to the shore for a week with my sister and some friends. We have been playing some golf  this past week  and I'm sure Larry will be playing a lot while I'm gone.