Thursday, October 18, 2012


Larry's dad has been at home in Hospice care for over a month.  We were coming over from Hershey TT each day and filling in the hours that we didn't have people from Helping Hands coming in to help mom care for him. Unfortunately Helping Hands was costing almost $1,000 a week for the nine hours they came each day. So we cut it to 4 hours each day, but mom and dad needed more help not less. Luckily we found a woman and her mother who would come in for nine hours for half the cost. But Dad was needing 24 hour care so we moved our RV to the back yard.
Larry's Dad had been in the Army in1944, so with his dad's discharge papers in hand Larry went to the Lebanon VA and found out he qualified for their Hospice program.  They have 17 beds and there wasn't a long waiting list, so dad was able to be admitted on Monday. Amazing!
 The  Hospice wing is on the 4th floor of building one.
 They sent a van to pick him up on Monday afternoon. (I didn't realize the camera was on video)
 This Hospice facility is recognized as the best in the US. Who knew? All for free!!! What a blessing.
 Dad's room. Tom and Barb, Larry's sister, live in Lebanon so they are close by to visit.

 I was impressed with the bathroom in his room. Unfortunately Dad is not strong enough to use it and only getting "birdie baths" in bed.
 A  kitchen area that can be used by the patient and their families.
 A very nice room they can go to watch TV or play cards.
 Another room where families can go to relax.

 There is even a bedroom for a family member to stay over night if they need to.
 One of the things I noticed were the beautiful hand made quilts on the beds. 52 of them had  been  given to them this year. What a great project, makes me want to learn to quilt.

The only thing Dad can't do here is smoke inside the building, but we are allowed to take him out if he wants to go smoke. He had to take a test on his scooter before they let him use it, he passed but hasn't been out of bed since. He is getting great care here, a dentist even came to see if they could help make his dentures more comfortable. We know he is getting a lot more care here to make his last weeks comfortable then we could give him at home. We are very thankful.

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  1. This is so wonderful both for him and you. What a blessing!